On Friday U.S. citizen Patrick Sawyer died in Nigeria after collapsing at Lagos Airport as he returned from the funeral of his sister, who had also died from the disease.


Cogent information accessed by the National Chronicle from the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital reveals that an undisciplined attitude led to the death of Patrick Sawyer on July 25, 2014 in Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos; Monica Samuels reports.

   A medical source revealed that Princess, Sawyer’s sister, was taken to the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital by her fiancé, after he noticed she was bleeding profusely. Princess’s fiancé (name withheld), a French-speaking individual, convinced the hospital’s medical director, Patrick Ndzande, who also speaks French, that his fiancée was suffering from a miscarriage.

   Not being sure of the information he received from Princess’s fiancé, director Ndzande sent for the doctor-on-duty, a medical doctor from DR Congo. The Congolese doctor, who was well-protected, performed a D&C (dilation and curettage) on Princess, but the bleeding continued, which caused panic among the hospital staff; they transferred her to a general ward, the Chronicle source disclosed.

   According to the source, it was after the nurses and staff of the hospital raised the concern that the bleeding was not caused by a miscarriage; rather, it was a symptom of another disease, Ebola, that the hospital’s authorities made the arrangement to send her to an isolated unit. But during that time, Patrick Sawyer entered.

   Information has it that, after Sawyer entered the hospital, when his sister awaited a transfer to the isolation-unit, he argued that his sister would not be taken to the unit; instead, she should be taken to a private ward.

   According to the Chronicle’s medical source, Sawyer personally undressed Princess, the suspected Ebola patient, changed her into a different set of clothes, placed her in a wheelchair, took her to a private room, and deposited US$500 for her care. The source said all the workers at the hospital were astonished by Sawyer’s behavior.

   The Chronicle source disclosed that, while undressing his sister, her uncontrollable blood was seen on Patrick’s clothing, including his footwear. It was his brother-in-law who had to get him a pair of slippers, leaving the bloody footwear at the hospital.

   Unfortunately, Princess was tested and confirmed with the Ebola virus; she died on July 7, 2014, and since, the private ward room where she was transferred has been closed, with her belongings and her brother’s footwear.

   It can be recalled that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said indiscipline and disrespect led to Sawyer contracting the Ebola virus. She said his failure to heed to medical advice has put the lives of other residents across the nation’s border at risk.

   Meanwhile, there are reports that Patrick Ndzande, the medical director at the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital who first came into contact with Sawyer’s sister, was infected with the Ebola virus, and is being quarantined.